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Thursday, 25 January 2007



Wow, those mittens are awesome!

That sweater is looking very good so far with your changes. I've wanted to make something like that for Girlcub for a while.


That is the best title for a post I'vve seen in a long time.


the colors are pretty! i like the white background that you chose better than the blue in the book.

one bit of advice someone left on my blog that helped IMMENSELY when i was knitting my sunburst sweater -- for the colors that aren't used much (maybe that light pink you are intarsia-ing?) cut a length of yarn about a yard or so and use that instead of the whole ball at once. it's so easy to untangle it because you just pull it through. i actually did that for all 3 colors on my sweater. i had more ends, but not many, and it was so much nicer to knit than having to battle with all the tangles.

ps - i think she credited this suggestion to kaffe fassett.

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